The Queux Patio Plant Centre is a family business owned by Nigel & Ross Clarke. The Centre's main objective is to work with the community to create a Floral Guernsey. October 2014 will mark the centre’s 25th anniversary and a legacy of teaching thousands of adults and children the value of plants and the benefits of a Floral Island.

The Green Legacy (see website linked) Project was launched in 2007  with the target of raising £2,000.00 per year from workshops giving £6,000.00 over three years for the project. With other initiatives it was hoped to double this figure to £12,000.00 over three years. This had been achieved in only one year and nine months when the total to 31st December 08 was £12,372.00.

To date, including 2013 Christmas Lights donations, the total is now over £20,000.00!